Corporate Law

Corporate law and maintenance is one of our main practice areas. We provide a wide range of services, from incorporating joint stock companies, limited liability companies, branch offices and liaison offices, to corporate maintenance including advice on board of directors meetings; holding ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings; analyzing technical bankruptcy situations and managing capital increases or decreases from a corporate and tax perspective.

We also assist in amending companies’ articles of association either to comply with the Turkish Commercial Code or to reflect specific agreements between different shareholders groups; intra-group reorganizations to include spin-off, merger, change of legal form, liquidation, asset transfer and share transfer; structuring the board of directors and limitation of authorities between board members; and general maintenance of corporate records. We have also demonstrated success in advising foreign clients on the best means of structuring their operations in Turkey.

Our corporate law and maintenance team provides clients with personalized presentations on the appropriate legal structure for their business goals. We can advise on a range of tax, dispute avoidance, customs and data protection issues. We can also resolve post-transactional issues such as intellectual property protection, including the registration of domain names.

Our practice includes:

  • Pre-structuring
  • Incorporation
  • Appointment of managers
  • Conduct of general assembly and board of directors’ meetings
  • Share transfers
  • Spin-off, merger and change of legal form
  • Asset transfers and commercial enterprise transfers
  • Liquidation
  • Tax office registration
  • Tax structuring
  • Employment structuring
  • Comprehensive corporate maintenance services
  • Basic corporate maintenance services